[2018 AR] Our Section 208 Responsibilities

Section 208
2018 Report

Our Section 208 Responsibilities

As the Clean Water Act Section 208 Designated Management Agency, the Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority has the responsibility to assure that any assigned point and nonpoint source control programs are accomplished in a timely manner. As documented in Colorado's Statewide Water Quality Management Plan (SWQMP), responsibility for water quality planning area lies with the Water Quality Control Division in cooperation with local governments. The capabilities that management agencies are required to have are listed in CWA section 208(c)(2) and include the authority to:

  • check_box Carry out appropriate portions of an area-wide waste treatment management plan
  • check_box Manage waste treatment works and related facilities serving such an area in conformance with any plan
  • check_box Design and construct new works directly or by contract and to operate and maintain new and existing works as required by any plan
  • check_box Accept and use grants, or other funds from any source, for waste treatment management purposes
  • check_box Raise revenues, including the assessment of waste treatment charges
  • check_box Incur short- and long-term indebtedness
  • check_box Ensure in implementing an area-wide waste treatment management plan that each participating community pays its proportionate share of treatment costs
  • check_box Refuse to receive any waste from any municipality, or subdivision thereof, that does not comply with any provisions of an approved plan under this section applicable to such area
  • check_box Accept industrial wastes for treatment.