Explore Water Quality in Cherry Creek Basin

You are in charge of what you see.

Choose from a variety of inputs and see graphics ranging from simple time series displays to in-depth analysis layouts, designed tell a specific story about water quality in the basin.  The interactive charts in these pages pull directly from the Authority's comprehensive water quality database and represent the best data available at this point in time.

  • N / P Ratios - See how Nitrogen and Phosphorus entering the Reservoir via Cottonwood and Cherry Creeks relates to Chlorophyll-a levels.
  • Up-Down Stream - Explore how surface and groundwater chemistry ineracts along Cherry Creek from the top of the watershed to the Reservoir.
  • TS Averages - View Average annual, monthly or seasonal data in highly interactive bar graphs, with filters for stations, parameters and time period.
  • Trends Drill-down - Explore trends in "drill-down" format includes high-level aggregation, statistics and actual measurements in one view. 

(To download data please visit the download pages.)