About the portal

This portal provides access to water quality data throughout the Cherry Creek Basin, some of which can be explored through a variety of interactive analysis tools. The data on this site may not have received quality assurance review and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Further, the data is subject to change or modification at any time by the Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority. If you have questions, please contact the CCBQWA manager: manager@ccbwqa.org.

Ways to explore the basin

Visualize Data
Compare changes over time
Discover relationships
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Explore the Data

Easily explore water quality data throughout the Basin using the Time Series Compare page. Visualize individual sampling results through graphs and tables to learn more about water quality throughout the basin.


Visualize Change

Use the Year Comparison grapher tool to select a location and parameter and explore how water quality has exchanged over the years. Easily compare year to changes in water quality throughout the basin.


Discover Relationships

Curious about where things are in the Basin? Use the Interactive Map to view monitoring points, pollution abatement projects and other area features including rivers, boundaries, and land use.


Annual Report on Activities

Learn about the Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority history, charter, monitoring and activites, and how we and our partners are working to preserve water quality throughout the Basin.