[2021 AR] CCR Stream Flows

2021 Report

Surface Water Inflow


The Cherry Creek sub-basin is the largest in the watershed (234,000 Acres) and contributes the majority of surface water that flows into the reservoir.

Cottonwood Creek, the next largest source of inflows into the Reservoir has a sub-basin of 9,050 Acres, approximately 4% of the total watershed.

Proportion of Surface Water Inflow into Cherry Creek Reservoir


The estimated WY 2021 flow at CC-10, just upstream of the Reservoir on Cherry Creek totaled 16,773 AF with an average daily discharge of 46.0 AF (23.2 cfs). The estimated WY 2021 flow at the CT-2 monitoring site located upstream of the Reservoir on Cottonwood Creek totaled 4,517 AF with an average daily discharge of 12.4 AF (6.3 cfs).

No ISCO measurements were available for Station CT-2 from February 13 to February 20, 2021, due to instrument and telemetry failure. Daily depths for the missing dates were interpolated to estimate flows for the affected dates.

Explore real-time telemetry data in Cherry Creek Watershed here .

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Daily Average Flow Values Over Time

Data is PROVISIONAL from Oct 1 through present. The data listed on this site has not been finalized for the current water year. Incorrect equipment readings are removed and stage-discharge relationships are updated annually so level values and flow calculations may change.

Summary Data

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