[2021 AR] Special Projects

2021 Report

Special Studies


A sediment nutrient concentration study conducted in WY 2021, which will be reported on in WY 2022, will provide valuable information on nutrient storage in the Reservoir and indicate internal loading potential to assist in planning future management actions.

In WY 2021, CCBWQA conducted additional monitoring to analyze the sediments in Cherry Creek Reservoir to determine:

  • Phosphorus concentrations in the Reservoir sediment,
  • spatial variability of phosphorous in the Reservoir sediment, and
  • the “state” of the phosphorous: if it is mobile or bound within the sediment.

The data collected from this study, which will be reported in WY 2022, will inform the CCBWQA on sediment phosphorus concentrations that play a role in water quality in the Reservoir and where potential hot spots are located. Analyzing different sediment depths and the state of the phosphorus (if it is mobile or bound) will allow CCBWQA to better quantify the potential phosphorus transport and contribution to Reservoir nutrient concentrations.

Depth profile graphic

Sediment Sample Study

The wide range of colors and consistencies illustrates the spatial variability of sediment composition throughout the Reservoir.

CCR Nutrient Loading