[2021 AR] CCR Nutrient Balance

2021 Report

CCR Nutrient Balance


In WY 2021, phosphorous and nitrogen in the Reservoir increased by approximately 4,700 and 32,600 pounds, respectively, similar to 2020 but less than the historical average.

Cherry Creek contributes the majority of phosphorus and nitrogen loading to the Reservoir due to its relatively high flow. In WY 2021 Cottonwood Creek was responsible for over 24% of the nitrogen loading although it contributed only 18% of the flow to the Reservoir.

Relative Percentage of Inflows into Cherry Creek Reservoir WY 2021


Phosphorus and nitrogen loading to the Reservoir results from surface water from Cherry and Cottonwood Creeks, precipitation and alluvial groundwater. The water quality from the monitoring sites closest to the Reservoir are used for the calculations for each of the inflow sources.

Total Flow-Weighted Nutrient Concentrations
Water Year Total Phosphorous Total Nitrogen
WY 2011-2020 200 ug/l 1,344 ug/l
WY 2020 173 ug/l 1,491 ug/l
WY 2021 176 ug/l 1,420 ug/l

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CCR Nutrient Loading

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CCR Nutrient Loading

info_outlineCherry Creek contributes the majority of both phosphorus and nitrogen to the Reservoir.

CCR Nutrient Balance