[2021 AR] Site Location Applications

2021 Report

Site Location Applications

As the Governor-designated Water Quality Management Agency for the Cherry Creek Reservoir watershed, CCBWQA reviews site applications for domestic wastewater treatment works, including Wastewater treatment facilities (WWTFs), lift stations, and interceptor sewers. CCBWQA reviews address protection of Cherry Creek Reservoir and the watershed with respect to phosphorus and nitrogen, general water quality, protection of downstream water quality to protect water supplies, and adequacy of proposed design processes and capacity to protect water quality. As required by Regulation 72, CCBWQA must report annually on approved site applications.

In 2021 CCBWQA reviewed one site application: Replacement of Lift Station A submitted by Meridian Metropolitan District (MMD).

Flows in the first five years will resemble current flow, which is 0.351 MGD maximum day flow and 1.00 MGD peak hourly flow. Flows will increase as the service area is developed over the next 15 years to the ultimate design flow of 0.877 MGD maximum day and 2.17 MGD peak hour flow.

CCBWQA provided the following review agency comments:

  • CCBWQA recommends differential flow monitoring on the force main to prevent undetected leaks and associated water quality impacts, per CCBWQA Site Application Review Process and Emergency Response Plan Criteria dated October 1, 2020.
  • Based on the information in the Preliminary Engineering Report, CCBWQA believes that:
    • The full build-out of the lift station (all 3 pumps) needs to be done to meet the projected/proposed maximum day flow of 0.877 MGD requested in Section 22.7 B.; or,
    • Additional information is needed on the initial configuration of the lift station to prevent overflows and to provide required redundancy (one pump operational, and 1 on standby); or, 
    • That the projected/proposed maximum day flow in section 22.7 B. of the application be limited to the capacity of the initial configuration of the lift station (with 1 pump operational and 1 on standby).
  • CCBWQA added that if differential flow monitoring isn’t required by the Water Quality Control Division (WQCD), “CCBWQA requests the WQCD review the additional information when the Basis of Design Report is provided, to ensure adequate leak detection is addressed in the approved design.”
Point Source Controls

Meridian Metropolitan District Lift Station “A” Replacement

Meridian Metropolitan District Lift Station “A” Replacement

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Board considered on 5/20/21


Meridian Metropolitan District


Meridian Metropolitan District