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Projected 2022 Revenue

2021 Report

How We Fund Our Activities

Our Statute provides several funding mechanisms that CCBWQA can use in a manner that is consistent with its statutory purpose to improve, protect, and preserve the water quality of Cherry Creek and Cherry Creek Reservoir.

CCBWQA levies property taxes (one-half mill) on all taxable property within CCBWQA’s boundaries. Current development fees include $60 per single family residence and $0.04 per square foot of impervious area in commercial and multi-family developments; agricultural lands are exempt from the collection of these fees. Wastewater fees are $0.05 per 1,000 gallons of treated wastewater discharged in the Cherry Creek basin.

CCBWQA also receives $3 on annual passes and $1 on single-day passes user fees from Cherry Creek State Park visitors. Note that the mechanism for collecting user fees may change due to recent legislation establishing the Keep Colorado Wild Act (SB 21-249)