[2022 AR] Monitoring Program

2022 Report

Monitoring Program

In accordance with Regulation 72, CCBWQA has implemented a long-term water quality monitoring program in both the watershed and the Reservoir to characterize water quality of Reservoir inflows and the Reservoir to determine compliance with selected water quality standards, particularly those related to the chlorophyll-a standard.

  • Surface water, groundwater, reservoir, and precipitation are monitored at 26 locations.
  • Over 2,700 lab analyses are completed annually.
  • The monitoring data and lab results are used to evaluate the attainment of water quality goals, compliance with water quality standards, and to characterize water quality trends.

CCBWQA’s monitoring program is conducted in accordance with Cherry Creek Reservoir Control Regulation No. 72 and the Cherry Creek Sampling and Analysis Program and Quality Assurance Procedures and Protocols.

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