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Our Statute
2019 Report

Additional Opportunities in Our Statute

Several unique powers are given to CCBWQA by the State Legislature. The Statute gives CCBWQA expansive opportunities to protect and improve water quality.

In addition to general administrative functions, the Statute identifies several methods by which CCBWQA can raise funds, as well as implement various water quality control mechanisms. Guidelines include:

  • Funds must be spent on improving, protecting, and preserving water quality of Cherry Creek Reservoir and the watershed, and on achieving and maintaining the existing water quality standards.
  • At least sixty percent of revenues collected by CCBWQA must be spent on construction and maintenance of Pollution Abatement Projects.

Many of these water quality control techniques are already being implemented. For example, CCBWQA is currently exploring ideas to help preserve water quality in the basin, using newly-developed reservoir and watershed models to better target the construction of Pollutant Reduction Facilities, as well as exploring with our members and stakeholders the potential for riparian protection options and dendritic development schemes.